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"SNL" Media Kit

PR 209: Effective Writing for Strategic Public Relations (University of Southern California) | November 2022

Professor Austin Foxxe | Overall Grade Received: A

Students were instructed to craft a hypothetical business scenario of their choosing and create a corresponding media kit to successfully relay information to the press.


In my fictitious scenario, NBC is announcing that longtime "SNL" cast member, Kenan Thompson, has been chosen to replace Lorne Michaels as the showrunner of the program. The media kit contains documents intended to maximize coverage of the leadership transition and communicate important details about the organization itself to the press and the public.

Copy and concepts by Annie Cleaver.

**Disclaimer: This situation is completely hypothetical. I do not own any of the images used in this campaign, nor do I have any association with the NBC brand. All work done for this campaign was to demonstrate educational growth in the course.

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