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Social Media Accounts

Explore my personal, professional, and random Instagram accounts I've created. I'm a social media junkie with a developed eye for design that helps me curate a unique aesthetic for each page. 

Additionally, I'm skilled in design/editing programs including Adobe software, Canva, and Instagram tools.

Homepage of acleaverphoto on Instagram.

Annie Cleaver


+5.9K total likes

For the past few years, I've cultivated an Instagram page to show off my photography. Through this page, I have been able to promote my photography work in addition to having my work featured on multiple artistic Instagram pages.


The photos I take range anywhere from senior sessions, to professional headshots, to editorial fashion shoots. 

I've created a community and been able to connect with other photographers in my area and beyond to learn and grow in my business.

The Lemon Lime

+3.3K accounts reached


810 total likes

What started out as a joke quickly grew into an international sensation as the world began to follow the journey of my USC Co-Rec Intramural sports team, the Lemon Lime Fireballs.

As social media manager of the team, I shoot photo and video content to create graphics for our Instagram that have gained us a loyal fanbase, even extending beyond the USC community.

At our first soccer match, we played with no fans along the sidelines, but during our playoff run, we attracted a gigantic group of supporters and even garnered a waitlist to join the Lemon Lime Fireballs as we currently rebrand to a volleyball team.

I get joy out of making stupid, humourous content that (hopefully) makes people laugh. From creating a fake news reel about our team going missing in a plane crash to highlighting the plays of the week, the Lemon Lime Fireballs has something for everyone.


Surprisingly, through our social media, I've been able to grow our silly intramural team into (somewhat of) an organization with an actual fanbase. 

Homepage of lemonlimefireballs on Instagram.

Additional Pages

Annie Cleaver

I've developed a personal aesthetic on my Instagram page that showcases my personality. One of the biggest things I've learned working in social media is how important authenticity is to developing a personal brand.

Homepage of acleav on Instagram.
Profile photo of acleav on Instagram.
Instagram feed of acleav

u got nailed

An Instagram page for my gel nail business. Sharing these posts has helped me build my client base for this new side hustle.

Profile photo of ugotnail3d on Instagram.
Homepage of ugotnail3d on Instagram.
Instagram feed of ugotnail3d
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